House Rules


Use the app the right way and be respectful of others. ProfPik should be a safe place to improve one's online social media profiles and posts. Don't be rude, don't use bots, and give thoughtful feedback in the same way you'd want others to give for you.


Failure to abide by the house rules will result in a ban from ProfPik. If the offense is egregious enough, we may also report you to the appropriate authorities. Don't be the only one who can't use the app. Be the dude. The dude abides.


Be respectful. Give constructive, not hurtful feedback. If you have to ask whether or not what you're doing is respectful, it probably isn't. If it doesn't help the person who's profile you're reviewing and hurts them — we won't let you stay.

Be Yourself

Not somebody else. Pretending to be someone you're not by deliberately using fake names, other people's pictures or information is against the rules. We like you the way you are, no need to pretend.

Give Genuine Feedback

This app works because of our fantastic user base and their willingness to give genuine, helpful feedback. Our algorithms can tell if you're not taking the time to give your honest opinion on profiles. Using bots or giving opinions that are not genuine will result in a ban.


Don't threaten people in any way. If necessary we will report you to the appropriate authorities.


Anything you can wear at a non-nude beach is cool. Other than that, please don't get naked on our app. That's what Snapchat is for.

We need your help:

If you see someone breaking the House Rules, do us a solid and report them. We review all reports immediately and take them seriously.

For more information, check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We See Your Profile Getting Better Already 😍,
The ProfPik Squad